Monday, March 2, 2009

Darkmoon Faire - WoW TCG

Tried something different yesterday - went to the WoW Darkmoon Faire Event in San Francisco. It is traveling the world and one of the stops was fairly close to home so we had to check it out.

The major portion was the Trading Card Game (TCG) competition (a whole world onto itself), the new Miniature competition, some MMO online competitions and a few other fun events/games.

The MMO contests we tried - and did not win - Gurubashi Arena (why did I pick a DK . . . /sigh) and a leveling contest (a bar shy of level 8 in less than 90 minutes) - the winner dinged level 10! 

The winners won some neat loot cards - one was the Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger, which I am in major lust for!  We had this as a mount in the Arena event.  It is ZOMG sssexy, wonderful - it has moved ahead of all other mouts I've seen on my 'gotta get one' list!  I want it badly!  Not badly enough to spend $1,499 the current Ebay price, but oh my would I be riding around on it alot if I had it!

In the Gurubashi event all the contestants were given their choice of race/class and started as level 80 in Dalaran.  We had half hour to make our way to the Arena in STV.  I warned my daughter to watch out for the gnome mage - and guess who walked away with the Tiger mount!  Argh!!!  They let us play on the level 80's with all epic mounts for awhile, so that was fun too.  I was a bit disappointed though that the hunter was specc'd BM yet had no pet????  Excuse me?  But the one man raid on Orgrimar was fun anyway - lol.

The leveling competition was also fun.  Note to self though - when trying to power level in a competition DO NOT stop to loot and sell stuff!  Habits are hard to break - lol.  

We also had a demo of the TCG which may be another WoW addiction for my family and we received two of the started packs to start the addiction.  As we love strategy games I can see this being another wonderful outlet.

The artist for some of WoW's artwork was there with original and prints of his work, so had to get a couple of signed ones.  (I feel horrid I can't remember his name though - but he puts the WOW in WoW!)

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