Monday, March 9, 2009


I've been multi-boxing, three-boxing to be exact.  

It's fun and challenging and fun!  

The forum and blogs over at are fantastic resources for anyone considering multi-boxing and if you're going to try Keyclone and free trial accounts are the way to go.  I tried the five-boxing with the ten day trial accounts, but as much as I'm loving WoW right now I don't want to be limited to just that, which paying for five accounts would in my mind restrict me to!

So far I've been working a few different class groups to see which combos I like (heck three accounts and fifty characters each - the mind boggles at the possibilities LOL!

The current ones 
- two gnome warlocks and a human pally (may switch to a dwarf pally because of the size issue) i
- two mages and a shaman
- two death knights mostly for farming stuff
- thinking also to try two druids and a priest or warrior, two priests or maybe three priests (just for giggles)

But  loving hunters as I do had to do a trio of them.  Of course it has to be three individuals with their original pet choices (more to come as they level), but here is Sidrii, Treja and Pradia with their current companion hunters and a few companion pets to make it look like a true motley crew!

As Sidrii and Treja are taking advantage of the RAF program they keep outleveling poor Pradia, so she's going to get a few dungeon runs to catch up.  

Pradia being very certain of her tastes, demanded the long run to Mulgore to get Mezzranche to hunt with her and now has the name Gaia.

Treja has been considering either a tortoise or scorpion but nothing decided yet, while Sidrii loves her cats, but thought a spitting serpent might be fun too.

I'm still toying with spec's and debating between three different (one BM, Marks and Surv) or all three BM.  That is incidental though at this point as I'm still working keybindings out and key layout/macros to make it all simpler.  Keyclone has been fabulous though allowing game play on one monitor/keyboard/mouse.  I've done the two separate machine's but really like having them all on one monitor.

Nothing worse than thinking they're all assisting the same mob only to find them firing at three different ones or running along and losing one off a cliff.  Night elf tree housea are a pain to navigate!


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