Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random happenings

Sithi has always thought Draenei are hot (Sass - another character - is like that with Taurens. Inter-race relations ftw), so she's always giving them a second glance. This hottie, Commander Steele, in Shattrath is one she especially admires, although he's very tall, even by elf standards!! While Draenei shopping, this was spotted - Grand Anchorite Almonen (apparently has two female heads chained to his shoulders! Some odd scale of justice? Why human for a Draenei? hmmm

The new guild had a bit of fun trying to kill the dragon Emeriss, in Seradane (Hinterlands). He didn't want to go down without a fight.It was hilarious as this dragon deals some seriously wicked damage, and has around 840K HP. I spent alot of time dead sprouting as a mushroom. It was fun, even though we didn't end up killing him. I guess maybe it should be attempted before 2 a.m. when people are more awake!

Frothe, the 19 casual twink had got her 1,000 honorable kill. She's alot of fun to play, even getting her butt walloped by a much better warlock (awesome gear/abilities) yesterday. I'm sure he was feeling very uber as it was hunt the gnome to kill her again in WSG - lol! The random heavy 'hunter' ones are definitely no fun, but she still tends to be high on the damage/kills every BG - dot, dot, drain - lol.
I found out on my current server the chance of getting her the necessary +power enchants are close to zero, as they're Molton Core rare drops. Possibly might find one on the Horde side if I can talk via the forums and get it to the neutral AH. Argh. So either she'll need to move or live without them. I'm actually thinking to wait and see how the patch changes battlegrounds before making any decisions!

Horde side
The other Sithi, was chasing Alliance through Ashenvale. I've seen them going the opposite way, but never been on their tail. All we needed were some WWII fighter sounds!
She's gone up two levels roaming Azeroth during the Midsummer Fire Festival and is sitting in the Swamp of Sorrows at level 42.

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