Monday, July 27, 2009

Age of Conan

I did go back and try AoC.

After the hideously long patch process, I finally left it for overnight download.

I logged onto the characters I'd made two years ago (I'd actually forgot what I had until I did!). Unfortunately I had no sense of nostalgia. I had logged the Barbarian out on the side of a hill! Definitely not my usual 'log out in town' in any game way, especially on a PvP server!

So ran the two highest level ones (Barbarian 32, Priest of Mitra28) around a bit trying to get a feel for playing. I still like the more involved fighting with the shield indicators on npcs - more than continued key spamming at least!

Realized the Priest (or Priestess) of Mitra was as easy as I remember to play, but I didn't have a great feel for all the spells nor any oh joy I want to play you feelings.

Logged out and rerolled a new toon, a Necromancer, dinged level 5 before leaving the jungle and logged out.

Pretty game, interesting fighting style, very scenic ... so why doesn't this game hold my interest?
I really don't know.

There has been rumors of this going to a Free to Play game. If it does I would likely keep it updated and pop in on occasion, but not up for the monthly fees on what would be very random play.

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