Friday, July 3, 2009

Achievement time

Sithi has moved to a new guild. We're crossing fingers/toes this one will be fun, as this is a stretch - she may actually start getting geared for raiding. No promises, but going to try and push our comfort zone a tad!

A well guarded secret was revealed to the guild on the first day - I don't duel. I know heresy, especially from someone so in love with pvp. The person that recruited Sithi to the new guild, is a death knight. We have grouped together a few times, he's a very enthusiastic player, while we were waiting for the rest of the group to do our daily summon Ahune, he asked Sithi to duel.

We did. He won - barely.

I didn't say we're bad at dueling, just not something I seek! He asked again while we were outside Coilfang - not a good idea DK! I have room to move now - bwaaaha.
You could have heard a pin drop in guild chat. Level 76 (at the time!) and you've never won a duel? Someone finally asked.

I said well in truth this is the third or fourth duel she's been in and the other two were pre-achievement time!

The downside to our duel. We had just recovered to full health and a level 80 pally from the Horde came along caught the DK, he was almost dead when I sent my wolf on him. Apparently they hadn't seen me, but being the supportive guildie that I am I jumped in - lol! Now it's dead wolf, and a pissed of pally! I tried dropping a trap as death was approaching
oh well, score two for the pally!

I didn't have vent up so missed the dialog there, but this led to an invitation to group with some of the guild. The group ended up being the GM, co-GM, and two senior officers. Not to bad Sith! We blew through three instances in Coilfang, Underbog, Slave Pens and Steam Vault, performed at best adequately, definitely wasn't beating the level 80's in dps! But also kept my pet in control, managed to not get lost, die or anything else very lame - all while trying to get my vent working. A new weird one - I'm in vent but no sound. Argh!

Three more achievements under the belt as - you're right - the first time in any of those instances! I'm sure they're in shock, but I did tell them I had solo'd on this hunter most of the content.

Apparently Sithi did okay as she was promoted after only three hours in the guild! LOL! A good day.

She's sitting right now at level 77, frantically working to make money for her artisan/cold weather flying skill (1500g to go) with two swift gryphons in the bank waiting. The albino drake is getting closer!!!!

The big question after this will Sithi NEED to go for the mountain of mounts? 100 mounts - oy! It would be only for the achievement, not that keen on the dragonhawk!

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