Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Colecting Keys

The other day the GM & Co-GM of our guild were discussing getting the Karazhan and Arcatraz keys so more guildies would have them, and they were also completing the Key Master Achievement. Lusting after achievements and keys myself, I waiting for an opportunity to see if others could get in on this too, without whining or begging!

As they were already through most everything short of the Caverns of Time instances, I assumed I would be out of luck, but then mentioned they wanted to take any of the guild this week to get keys too! W00t!! Me! Me! Me!

The GM said as long as I did all the pre-quests up to the first instances they’d include me! Oh yeah! Now mind you, this is 2 a.m. and I really need to go to bed...but I want this DONE! So, off I go to bang through those quests. Shat-SW-Kara-Dalaran-Shat, Netherstorm and all the prequesting accomplished! Love my gorilladin tank!

Last night I log in, the guild is in a funk. Bad Nax 10 raid, that is on the verge of breaking up. I sit quietly in vent, going about my dailies (working for $$ still). The raid finally is called. Moods are not very good and a few people log off. (I found out later one of the raiders was having more fun with Peggle then raiding! : O) Not good!!

The guys are discussing what they're going to do - ah ha opportunity - I mention “I got the pre-quests done whenever you guys go this week.” Now hold breathe.

Not a terribly enthusiastic response. The Co-GM who's normally very jovial in a M-rated way is dead silent, but the GM said we’ll run you through the instances and then continue on the CoT. Yeah! I do make the token, we can do it another time, if you'd like while crossing fingers they'll still want to go!

The GM says no, we'll go! Yippee! They invite another guildie that will get xp (lvl 70) so he can practice healing. Off we go to burn through those instances, two shaman, a druid and my hunter.

Shadow Labs is first up. Fairly smooth - I get turned into a frog by Blackheart the Inciter which was better than when he turned the tank against the dps and healer - lol!

Fortunately he's down fast and we’re breezing through it, except for the healer (lvl 70) that keeps pulling aggro as he’s jumping around. Finally I asked him,

“Do you have ADD?”

“No! But I can’t just stand here, nothing to heal.”

I’m thinking I don’t care if you jump but jump AWAY from the mobs that are so attracted to your level 70 goodness! Fortunately I'm watching him and keep the wolf pulling mobs off him.

We had one wipe, when he uses one of his AoE spells. I feigned, but accidently ‘moved’ (I need to practice when feigned hands OFF mouse and keyboard!) so died.

We ran back, killed Murmur and on to Steam Vaults and then to Netherstorm to Arcatraz. We blew through those too. A couple of remarks by me to the two draenei shammy's on the welcome home /sigh - they didn't get it! We were in out of there so quickly, it literally took longer to get there than the time spent in each instance!

Now to Caverns of Time.

Segue here –I must admit CoT is one of my favorite places to go. I’m a bit of a WoW lore junkie! The more I learn about the ‘whys’ of what we’re doing the more I enjoy questing, visiting areas and listening/reading NPC dialog. I particularly love going to Southshore in Old Hillsbrad just to watch the NPC’s interact. Freeing Thrall from Durnholde is fun for me. The whole story of Thrall, the slave, and Taretha, his only friend, bridging the human/orc hatred. It make questing alive to me and explains more of the whole Thrall/Jaine relationship - although I've wondered at times about those two ... I mean, Horde players go to Tarren Mills and do the Durnholde quests, but I doubt many realize why it’s rubble, and why you’re collecting Taretha’s necklace. Interesting stuff!

Back to our adventure - so, the Co-GM’s brother joins our group for more firepower, so the group is Druid tank, two Shaman dps, Shaman heals and my Hunter/wolf. Needless to say this went very quickly, as the ‘new shaman’ is 22K health unbuffed – scary hits! Everything died so fast and there were so many totems strewn around it looked like a party! The druid tank couldn’t build rage effectively it went that fast! But it was fun. The healer had no healing to do so more jumping and totem tossing was his role.

Off to Black Morass. At first I thought we were in the Swamp of Sorrows as I’ve never been in the Black Morass instance, so didn’t know exactly what to expect. Surprise, we get to meet Medivh at the Dark Portal and found out this was the Blasted Lands before they were blasted, dried out and ugly!

From a strictly lore basis, you have to question why we’d want to help Medivh open the Portal, but the Keepers of Time hint at it being the lesser of two evils. The orcs wouldn’t have arrived on Azeroth, but would the Burning Legion have arrived anyway? Hmmmm…

Good times! Kara key in hand, Arcatraz key later this week!

GM has his KeyMaster achievement, so he’s happy too. They want to see how fast we can run through Kara this week too. I’m willing, as I’m still new to this guild, they’re fun in a casual/relaxed way so it makes WoW so much more enjoyable.

I may actually enjoy raiding – won’t that be a kick?

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