Sunday, July 5, 2009

Iron Construct

This quest chain that begins with Walt, Explorers League cracked me up!

You are helping build an Iron Construct to infiltrate the Iron Dwarves and see what they're up to. There are a few steps collecting items, and a plane ride back. I was warned don't take it as it's too long. Hey I'm a tourist! I must go see what's over the next horizon!

** you can see a full view of the Titan statue (next photo down) from the plane ride.Once you've collected everything you become the Construct. Another fun 'dress up' quest. It's actually humerous. You jump off and take no falling damage, have pads to jump around the mine. Can 'bluff' the guards. Apparently as an Construct you have a sense of humor -
At the end you're on a long flight with a risk of blowing up over Howling Fjord.
Hey it's better than bring me 10 rat ears, right?

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