Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More screenies

Blizzard's never ending love of poop quests.

Dig through it in Hellfire Pennisula. More poop digging in Borean Tundra. Now in Grizzly Hills - it's your own fecal matter that needs to be examined! You actually have to 'give up' some seeds that you gobble up. Mmm Amberseeds
starts this quest chain (three parts.)

Blackroot Stalks are transform into a purgative. Master Woodsman Andorhol, will send you to the outhouse for 'recovery'. This is complete with animation and sound effects - oh my!

Found a potion on the ground in the Sewers of Dalaran, stuck it in my bags. When I saw it last night, I of course being daring, drank it - ah life as a winged insect!

Fluttered a bit. Not bad. Until I tried to move off the lawn in Dalaran. A warning came up that I was not in a suitable flying zone - ROFL!!! But I'm a bug!

Turned back in to an elf very quickly. Thought it would have been fun to fly around with my wolf and vanity pet out! (The addon Livestock is fantastic if you have a ton of vanity pets. It will do the same for mounts.)

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