Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finally - Drake time!

We finally have the Albino Drake!!!! The acheivement reward for Leading the Cavalry. 50 mounts isn't impossible to achieve, and is definitely easier for those that are collecting now with the Tournament mounts available and more dungeon drops that have been added, but it's not a cake walk!

Next stop Mountain of Mounts - 100 mount achievement!

** List of all currently available mounts and Patch 3.2 changes - Wowwiki/mounts or


  1. She's a pretty dragon the albino one, remember when I first got mine before WoTLK came out, flying around in formation with the 5 other people in Shattrah who had done the arduous task of finding 50 mounts back then, good times.

  2. I'm so very slow to do things in WoW at times - lol! Lusted after this darn thing for six+ months!!

    It's really much easier now with the Tournamnet mounts and boss drops with Wrath. (wish I had dinged 80 and did it that way instead /sigh!)