Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fishing the Daily Quests

Today, while doing the daily fishing quest (The Ghostfish), I arrived with much trepidation at Sholazar Basin, as I've never been through Sholazar without being killed - generally by paladins usually waiting at the flight path at River's Heart. (What's with the blood elf angst against night elves? Still pissed from getting /kicked from the night elf community many milennia ago?)

So...I land on the public bird - five Horde fishing and milling about. Great. The lone Alliance is a druid and he's playing duke-nukem with a Horde druid in all their varied forms - it's a bird! It's a bear! It's a cat! No a tree!

Definitely time to fly away! Pull out the slow mount and away I go! Hovering just out of sight of River's Heart, I looked on, hoping there were other options as far as fishing up this Ghostfish -


I can fish at water leading into the River's Hearth! Found a quiet spot (50,57 approx.) and within 10 casts fished up Mr. Ghostfish and hearthed out!

Daily Fishing Quests in Dalaran are from Marcia Chase and include:
  1. The Ghostfish
  2. Dangerously Delicious (I've never had this one come up yet)
  3. Jewel of the Sewers
  4. Monsterbelly Appetite
  5. Blood is Thicker
Complete all five quests for the achievement Chasing Marcia.

Daily Fishing Quests in Outlands are from Old Man Barlow:
  1. Crocolisk in the City
  2. Bait Bandits
  3. The One That Got Away
  4. Felblood Filet
  5. Shrimpin' Aint Easy
Complete all five quests for the achievment Old Man Barlowned

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