Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PvP pug style

**This is written mostly for Warsong Gulch as I've been in quite a few of those as of late, but it's just as true for any of the BG's. **

Yesterday in one battleground, I was on my 'lock and asked if the three hunters in our group could please call out positions. The response "Open your mini map. It's the guy with the flag." Hmmm. WoW. The guy with the flag - /smackhead Why didn't I think of that?

I responded, "I play with it open, but YOU can see everyone on the field with tracking including which direction the EFC is going BEFORE he/she leaves our base." Not to mention how many players are with him/her.


"Can you please call out their direction."

"Just look at your map."

This is going no where obviously. "Fine forget it, just thought you could be useful." Thinking huntard, huntard huntard to myself, but I didn't type it!

The next response was priceless from one of the hunters - "All you have to do is dot, dot, dot. How hard is that?" I had to stop myself from saying as hard as standing 35 yrds from someone while my pet kills them or sitting midfield farming honor. My other response was - you're wrong we dot, dot, drain! Had to stop myself from typing that. Argh.

Which led me to writing how to be helpful in a Warsong Gulch (or any BG).


The majority of us are in battleground PUGs (pick up groups), as premades are generally guild or twink type events.

Many people (yours truly included), enjoy battlegrounds and accept the fact you'll have people in there for a variety of reasons:
  • those that like battlegrounds
  • those that just want their mark and will do as little as possible
  • those that want to top the kills or else
  • those that are just after another achievement
Whatever reason(s) a person is there, it's great if they're a contributing member of the team. I know, no-brainer right? But how many BG's have you been in where the healer doesn't heal, the dps (generally hunters) sit midfield and just rack in the kills, the lowest level person on the team is screaming 'help me, help me' as they tried to get the flag by themselves, or the really treat - the guy that yells at everyone for being useless noobs, crap team, L2P, blah blah blah.

The disintegration of the team is pending as they implode in a typing match of insults!

Some ways to be a better team-mate. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!
  1. Flag carriers - don't outrun your support/healers just cause the 'boots' are there, then complain no one helped. Let the team no what you're planning to do. Especially if no one is with you when you pick up the flag. A quick 'going tun/gy/ramp' can help your team get to you to escort you or stop the other team.
  2. Healers - heal!
  3. If you're part of the offense then work together (rogues and druids) can state positions/member with the EFC. It's easier if you know there are three healers in their base on the roof then going in blind!
  4. If you're part of the defense - call out incoming. This is especially easy for hunters as they do get to see the 'dots' on the map with their tracking ability.
  5. IF you're on defense and the flag is picked up - call out a direction. It saves time for those going to stop the flag carrier - 'EFC Tun, EFC ramp, EFC gy'
  6. Warlocks tab dot everything
  7. Warriors hamsting everyone
  8. If healers are helping the FC or healing you - protect them!
I'm looking forward with trepidation to the upcoming changes to BG's as I think it will be helpful in some respects being able to level in battleground, but I'm not sure yet how this is going to affect the twink community.

It may be interesting or a whole 'nother round of furious forum fighting until Blizzard changes things again!

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