Friday, July 3, 2009

More Howling Fjord fun

Sithi hasn't completed all the quests in Howling Fjord, but we're getting close! Exploring is so much more fun though than playing kill 10 bats, bring me 5 lizard tails - lol!

The quests she has been on are very green/easy especially as she's back with her favorite gorilla tanking away and these are level 65-71 quests being done at level 77!

Sithi chose to take the gorilla out, as it speeds things up dramatically. She should keep leveling the wolf for eventual grouping/raiding, but for solo the gorilla is so full of win!!!

This group of quests Sithi did, continues on killing the vrykul now in in Gjalerbron. Freeing prisoners, slaying warriors, sleep-watchers, summoners - taking out the usual variety of nasties! Watch out for the sleep-watcher if you solo, as someone is going to be taking a nap!

There are also a couple of squeamishly ugly mobs there, in fact I must say these two - Putrid wight and sepulchral overseer have to be two of the creepiest ones I've seen in the game! The overseer according to there are 17 other mobs with this same model. Go figure, I don't have a clear memory of it anywhere else!

There is apparently a quest to go back and kill more Gjalerbron residents, one that is listed as (2) player calling a

Gjalerbron's King Ymiron is inside the main palace. Another place to explore on the next visit!

On our wander around Gjalerbron, Sithi ran across this nymph encased in ice -
As Sithi has not tried the Argent Tournament, the nod for this quest npc to the Athurian legend surrounding Excalibur. Checking wowhead, she's apparently part of a daily quest chain there. More fun to come!

Oh if you like grinding on kobolds (the no take candle guys) there's a bunch up the mountain behind the Maid.

Segueing, if you do dailies - for the fun, the grind, the money or all three - this one at Steel Gate is thoroughly enjoyable - Steel Gate Patrol.

There is a quick quest that leads up to it hauling bags of ore from the mine up to the surface. It really is quick and painless.

The follow up quest, is what will become your daily. You're given the keys to one of their noisy, smoking planes to patrol, i.e. take out gargoyles. Just keep moving and shooting its that fast.

This quest is so quick and easy it's not be missed! When it's done you parachute out of the plane too! <3 this one!

Sithi has moved towards Grizzly Hills and has completed a couple of dailies there too. Cold weather flying will make all of this so much quicker though!

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