Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally the big Ding!

Finally in a very un-climactic way Sithi dinged level 80 turning in a daily quest. I had planned to take a 'good' ding photo, but not paying attention resulted in another typical butt shot with the glowing 'you win' colors! This was such a déjà vu of Sassi dinging 70 last year – killing ogres, yakking in vent and missed the whole photo op!

Oh well at least Sith’s 80 and can start running with the big boys! Which she did with her level 75 wolf, no respec, no level 80 spells and in my crap PvP-I’m still leveling-gear! The guild wanted to run Obsidian Sanctum – which by the way they had a hilarious roar about afterwards when I asked where we had just been! No clue what instance we were in, I was just following along! (Hey I was confusing the name with the Sanctum of the Scaleborn from EQ2!)

Now that Sithi is no longer a raiding virgin even though she was pretty much carried by everyone else as my low dps was /cring worthy. The good points from the first time - the wolf only died twice, I didn’t personally overtax the healers, stayed out out of the flames and avoided spining circles! When the Recount was posted - I did out DPS the healers - lol!!!

It was a bit mortifying knowing the two ‘non-guildies’ were inspecting me and I’m sure whispering some of the guildies why is the nooblet in quest blues-greens/pvp gear here? But they’re “stand strong” on guild support over pick-up people which I like!

They kept telling me, it’s the only way you’re going to learn, you're part of the guild, etc. I told them well if you're going to laugh, do it in whispers to each other or when I'm not in Vent! Not to feel good at someone else's expense, but it was a bit of a relief to listen in Vent to our guild healer questioning his performance against the pick-up healer that out healed him. I know topping DPS isn’t going to happen for me anytime soon, but please oh please let me always beat the healers – lol!

After that, Sithi did blow some savings on dual-specing MM (can't let go of BM), picked up a few gear enchants, glyph upgrades, gems, so hopefully tonight she’ll do a bit better.

The hardest part with the new spec - learning to play MM. The killing is quick - which is great - but pulling aggro off my gorilla, argh! We died so many times last night trying to solo as MM, Omen threat meters screaming at me (me screaming to myself waaa what do I do!!!), something we've never experienced in almost 50 levels! Last night was seriously pathetic.

So, lots of MM practice in the future. I finally switched back to BM to complete the solo quests. It was so nice and familiar, like putting on comfy shoes after wearing the not quite broken in ones!

The experiment in MM spec resulted in an 18g repair bill, almost a stack of Frostweave bandages used, a stack of the gorilla's favorite fruit, all the 'extra' food I had gone. So not having an actual account, we had to have died 5-15 times. That would be more than the last 10 levels combined.

How embarrassing - LOL

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