Friday, July 31, 2009

Lil' Game Hunter Achievement will be easier

The upcoming addition of more companion pets with patch 3.2 will make getting the Lil'Game Hunter (75 pets) achievement easier. I'm not overly thrilled with Little Fawn - definitely not on my 'oh gotta get it list' but I'm sure I'll work at getting that achievement too!

The complete list of all pets -

These 3.2 world drop mobs (taken from wowvault list) all seem appealing, and will have the rest of the 'gotta get that pet' crowd running around Azeroth. Heads up PvP servers!

While checking out the Vault list, I found a few vendor purchasable ones, that I've overlooked while waiting for the next patch.

Plus a few quest ones that I need to grab -
I never have had the Outland daily fishing quest drop a pet and the darn OOX mechanical chicken has been borked for me as well. I know I've done at least one part of that, but after an hour or so killing low level guys I can't get the other two parts to drop. Maybe try it again.

Also need to get an engineer make a mechanical yeti and . . . I'm wondering if I'm a bit OCD about pets and mounts!

Track your collection -

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