Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Class changes love 'em... in general!

As I'm sure many have, I've been 'adjusting' to the 4.0.1 patch in World of Warcraft, that changed so much of the game.

Most of them I'm absolutely fine with, especially BM hunter finally being all that it should be, at least for the next month.


  • I can learn about focus over mana. Why did Hunter's ever have mana anyway? 
  • I love no more arrows, although I wish they'd have implemented an 'arrow' drop in Instances, much like other weapons so we'd have different level of arrows, just not have to constantly purchase them.
  • Twenty pet slots - w00t!  Five to carry around even better!
  • If they'd let our pets level in BG's I'd be over the moon.  Why don't they get XP in BGs? Or just level with us?
  • I'm still toying with spec's on the Hunter as I've never really developed a feel for Survival, but may give it a try just to do it.

I just dual spec'd from Affliction to Affl/Dem and have been playing Demo the past week or so in BG's.  OMG do I love it.  Death Knights and Warriors are much more manageable now - lol!

  • Love my Felguard's axe toss
  • No more Soul Shard bags and not using to summon demons, etc. YEAH!
  • Soul Burn is pretty sweet

I've not played her much (about a level so far), but the changes don't seem overly dramatic.

Taking away tree form was cruel.  Shortening it to an ability/spell unfair!  That and the new model I find hideous.  They don't want us to stand out in battlegrounds - make an ugly huge tree with a gaping mouth why not.  Definitely will keep people out of tree form!

The new graphic for Eclipse I know should be helpful, but I tend to spend more time looking at that and trying to maximize either Arcane or Nature damage, I know my DPS suffers.  Apparently a Solar Eclipse lasts a long time. He's been in one for days - no fighting just doing other stuff.

Death Knight:
I'll admit the runes thing I find a bit WTF?  I definitely need to spend time on my rotation and watch the runes.  Definitely tired of 'it's not ready yet', but I haven't spent much time on the DK, so definitely not in sync with if it's better or worse.

They seem to be even more OP in battlegrounds than ever before, but I can live with it, if they don't two shot me they're going down! LOL!  I know they're OP when my level 31 is high on damage and HK, that's not right, but I can live with that too!

Reading the changes to Rage, makes me want to try one again.  I've failed twice, getting to level 20-something then deleting in frustration.  Who knows.

I've respec'd and dual talented a couple of characters (the Shaman, Warlock, Hunter and Druid are now), half a level on the Pally and we'll try Holy/Ret.  I've somewhat enjoyed learning or relearning how to play each class.  I still haven't spent time on the Priest or Mage, but plan to squeeze them in this month.

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