Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things to do while Windows 7 installs.

I've had Windows 7 sitting around for four months waiting to upgrade from Windows XP on my gaming PC.  I have it for the work one too (Vista), but have not wanted the whole 'reinstall' everything task.  Yesterday for some odd reason was the DAY.  Backed up everything to the external HD, downloaded and installed Win 7, and then began the arduous task of reinstalling software.

I had read somewhere that I should put the 'biggest' programs on first. Something about the way it filled the HD. So, monster one MMO - WoW is first in line.  I've been having issues with WoW since patch 4.0.1, so decided to just bite the bullet and do a complete fresh install.  Oh what a joy this has been. 

I had forgot how many times an un-tended PC will decide to 'update' itself.  At least three times I came to find that had occurred, and what I had assumed to be continuous WoW downloading had in fact NOT happened!  ARGH!  

So, I've been MMO free all weekend, but we're down to the final Cataclysm stretch of updates - another 5GB to go!  

Then the rest of the MMO stable will get installed this week (LoTRO & EQ2 for now) as well as Curse and Steam. 

Too keep myself entertained, I first flirted with the idea of playing on the Xbox but instead watch Bounty Hunter (movie), really bad and not worth the time.  Then I guilted myself into putting in some time in on the NaNoWriMo thing.  I'm not going to ding 50K words this month, as I've barely scratched 9K.  Too much of what I've written feels disjointed. Nothing novelish about it.  It has the same characters but more short story adventure compilation in feel than one continuous story.  I want to go back and edit it, but figure getting it all out would be better now.  Editing can wait!  My goal with NaNoWriMo, is to try to get more discipline in writing period.  My website and blogs have long dry spells as I don't 'protect' my writing time.  If I can get that down, 50K words or not I'll consider this a success!

I've also been reading up on the lore from WoW after locating an excellent resource on the book order on the WoW forums and an even better one over at LoreCrafted.  Wonderful site btw as I have a secret yearning to RP, but turn into a stammering idiot every time I've tried.  I love to read the writing of RPers and listen to what/how they do it.  

The novel chronology has helped as I've found what appears to be the chronological order isn't, and read War of the Ancient's Trilogy - assuming it was first - not!.  So, I'm going to follow this guide and hopefully get up to the Shattering before Catacylsm is released in a month!

I'm really finding it fascinating and want to start a new level 1 Horde (or maybe a DK to just do the Outlands areas I've been reading about), as now much of that makes sense as to the how's and why's of Outland's areas.

Fortunately both Amazon and iBooks stores have many of the WoW novels to download, so Rise of the Horde on the iPad was a quick read.  I'd love to feel for the Horde (I do a bit, especially at the loss of their lifestyle), but being Alliance at heart - poor Draenei!  

Headed back to read more about Medivh and Khadgar, but had to check the PC hadn't found a new update it had to install!

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