Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's your UI causing the problem

What annoys the heck out of me and I've been opening a ticket every day with support is the constant d/c in battlegrounds and the feeling that I'm in a beta test that shouldn't be a beta test.

I get d/c'd at least once a day and come back as a deserter - WTF???  I never leave a BG, ever.  Even the truly terrabad ones, I will stay.  I've left maybe three in three plus years as it was an emergency call, otherwise I will stick it out.  I might be swearing at the PC screen but I stay.

Then there is miscounting the number of people in WSG  - Blizzard's interface or whatever can't recognize 9-11?  That isn't 10-10 sorry!  It might be 20, but it's not the right way to count it!   Not recording stats in the leader board - half the time people are missing or there are surprise 11 in Warsong Gulch on one side or another!

This doesn't happen every WSG (never in EoTS, AB, etc.,) but apparently my UI is the issue. Some how randomly it is.  So, I wasn't surprised with getting the "It's your UI that is causing all the problems" response.

Get stuck in a wall, fall through the earth, d/c, whatever it's always your UI.

To be fair, I'd like to think maybe that is the problem. I do use a number of Add ons, (updated daily with Curse Client); BUT, my UI can't add extra people to either side or not let that 10th person in on either side nor can it boot me out as a deserter! If so, there are some players I'd gladly use that on!

I was going to try a couple of WSG with just the basic Blizzard provided UI and then if I get booted, see what they have to say.  I'm sure it will be "reload the game" or "it's your graphics card" or ?  ARGH!

As excited as I am for Cataclysm, knowing the continual borked game we'll have to play with for next two months with patches, updates and fixes, makes me almost wish it was January and all will be playable... for awhile at least!

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