Friday, November 5, 2010

Top 10 Cataclysm wishes

As we're all eagerly waiting for Cataclysm next month, I was thinking about changes I'd like to see -

1.  Drop an elemental on the brat, William, in Stormwind so that Donna can have her dolly, Betsy, back!

2.  People that roll on a PvP server actually liked and participated in world PvP.  Why did they start on a PvP server in the first place?

3.  Female character gear that is stylish and/or functional, yet doesn't scream 'I'm working the red-light district'!  Bustiere armor? Cute cut-outs on their legs? Daisy Duke shorts? Ugh.

4.  Hunter pets stay out with hunters while mounted.  Where do they go?  I can see not making them usable (grey out their action bar) until you've dismounted, but, why aren't they out all the time?

5.   Stackable tabards or a tab for all of them.  The same for all the 'holiday' clothing.  How do RPer's manage? I have at least two bags of clothing and stuff for holidays and I'm not on an RP server! Plus tabards I can't re-buy but don't wear hogging bank space.

6.  Crafting materials stack to at least 20 - all of them.  Mojo, teeth, core of this, elemental of that, essence of whatever - all those odd things that we have to use that still stack to 5-10 - bigger stacks!  Better yet mats - cloth, flowers, metals, stone that stock to 50-100.

7.  Get rid of the 'useless' stuff we have to craft to level.  Either give it a value/reason to be made or remove it from the game.

8.  Have reasons for people to go to Exodar and Silvermoon City other than jewelers or ERPers.  They're distinct and beautifully designed cities. But such ghost towns and basically pointless except for people in the start areas.

9.  NPC's that 'attack' the neighboring city/community that people could join and PvP with even on non-PvP servers.  These are two factions that have a deep distrust and hate, right?  Why don't they ever attack each other?

10.  Ideally what I'd love, love, love.  A shared bank for your characters of the same faction on a realm.  Separate bag slot for BoP gear, but money, materials, etc., could be stored in one bank.  Most of us have 'guilds' to have bank alts use.  I'd pay the same amount NOT to have to form a darn guild and have it accessible by ALL my characters without having to mail stuff all the time.

I'm sure I could drone on, but I said 10 so 10 it is!

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