Tuesday, November 9, 2010


WoW-Pro, administered by Jame has been a great tool and reference for me over the years.  The people that contribute leveling guides, tips and tools have done an awesome job.  As it is basically player contributed and maintained (and FREE!), I'd highly recommend checking it out.

This is from their FAQ Intro:

Welcome to World of Warcraft Pro. We are a platform for WoW-Players to exchange self-written guides, free of charge. Our guide books are a compilation of all guides submitted by the WoW-pro memberbase. We will try to answer all questions about functioning, features and troubleshooting here, however if you still have questions, you can always contact us through the contact form.

I've not tried the Wow-Pro Addon written by Jiyambi yet, but I'm planning to roll a new character on a PvE server and follow it exactly sometime after Cataclysm launchs.

I know the quest circuits I've followed in other leveling guides on WoW-Pro have been great. Each ten level section, builds off previous levels (they can be done at any time though), and cuts down the endless running back and forth you do while questing while maximizing your leveling XP.    

I've also used their guides to make sure I've collected ALL the quests that pertain to an instance, although with Cataclysm changes I'm not sure that will be such a chore.

If you've never been to Wow-Pro, check it out. 

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