Friday, October 29, 2010

Cataclysm is coming

Cataclysm is a little over a month away and the Pre-Orders are available at the various stores. Amazon, Gamestop,, Best buy, Walmart, etc., all have this expansion listed for sale at the standard $39.99.  This seems to be the best price point for new MMO's and relative to a movie out with snacks or a light meal pretty comparable!

Blizzard is offering a digital download which I'm finding very tempting, as the minute servers go live you can play.  No worries about software out of stock, not shipped, etc.  So that may be the route I'll go, but...

Then there is the Collector's Edition.  It's running $79 to upwards of $185 on different sites.  So, the question is do I really NEED the CE?  The soundtrack would be cool, and I do have some of the ToC cards. Lil Deathwing - very cute - the pet collector in me says want him.

Worth an extra $40?

I don't know.  Possible.  It's a want over a need most certainly.

I do consider that the price difference between the standard and CE is close to three months subscription of another MMO or a new game.  So, I guess I'll decide over the weekend.

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