Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guild Wars 2 - blogs & links

It's wonderful to see more blogs appearing on the 'Net for all things GW2.  I spent some time today, collecting a variety of GW2 blogs (and info sites).

Dragon Season -

The Tyrian Order -

Guardians of Tyria -

Crossing Tyria -

Guild Wars 2 Journal -

Angerina Warpride -

GWOnline -

Flame Throwing -

The Feral Engineer -

Talk Tyria -

Under the Pale Tree -

Sage Like One -

Killabytes Online -

Nerdy Bookahs -

Other GW2 Links:



Guild Wars2 Guru

Guild Wars2 Hub

Guild Wars2 Junkies

GW2 Database

BandofBrothers - New Player Handbook 



  1. thx for collecting these links,
    if you admit i would be pleased to share these this post informations on my own new guildwars2 blog


  2. Feel free Kazza. I keep the links so they're easy for me to find things. Nice blog you have. My German's pretty rusty, but I'll add you if you'd like.

  3. thanks a lot, i would be glad if you would add me too your nice blog.

    PS: If you tell your browser to translate, the sentences might me a little bit muddled but good to understand.