Friday, June 22, 2012

GW2 Database

A guildie posted this on our guild forum.

The GW2 database is live. 

It's going to be an wonderful resource for all things  GW2 and our travels around Tyria.  It's a site, (and I do love what Curse does - premium member here!), so should be well maintained and accurate.

The DATABASE includes:

  • A scalable map (kinda Google mapish).
  • Item list - everything from armor to crafting materials to gizmos
  • Achievements list - heading but blank pages still
  • Traits list - by profession
  • Skill list - by profession, race and pet skills
  • Skill Calculator - will all be crunching stats/numbers here
 And, the one I'm thrilled to see  - Recipes.  (All of them are listed.)

I've always love to cook in game, and  do plan on leveling Cooking.  Knowing when I reach that frustration point on discovery, there is a resource out there is great!  I tried cooking in beta, ArenaNet did not lie this is an advanced skill and quickly can suck up the resources for a low level character.

Database is bookmarked for future use. Wonderful job again Curse!

There is an updated list on GW2Guru (June 15 updated) of other 'unofficial' web apps (not addons), wikis, calculators and databases.

Now if we only had a release date....

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