Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre-launch, big patch, stress test = busy gaming week!

Busy gaming week coming up with three of my favorite games, The Secret World, RIFT and GW2.

The Secret World (TSW)
The big one of course is the head-start for pre-orders for The Secret World on June 29th.  We've been meeting to put the coordinate the guild launch (officially Templar) as the official launch is quickly approaching on July 3rd. 

The guild I'm is terribly excited as we were named one of the 50 founding guilds for TSW.  I don't know how much effect that will have playing but our team lead won a lifetime sub (we had a challenge match to see who won that!).   I had already pre-purchased a lifetime sub (learning from my big regret of NOT buying it with LoTRO!), but thought that was an awesome reward for the guild.

TSW has vastly improved over the past month (now that the NDA is lifted), and anyone that hasn't been back since the first open beta should give it another shot.  It looks really good now!

The other exciting news, RIFT patch 1.9 launches on Wednesday, July 27th.  Three faction PvP, mentoring, a new world event and barbershop are the things I'm really excited about.  I'm really excited about all the new things TRION is adding to RIFT.  The three faction PvP that is NOT related to the two in game factions should be a novel approach.  That and adding crafted goods to PvP, awesome.

The addition of mentoring will be nice to play with new people to the guild (won't really help with my fourth toon four levels from 50, but it will be great to get XP while helping out guildies.

Guild Wars 2 (GW2)
Announced today on Facebook, another mid-week stress test.  Another Wednesday, July 27th (10-2PST).  A short window of play time, but enough to get a few hours of GW2 goodness in.  This game is like a bloody drug, and my guildmates and I moan for days after our withdrawals.

When GW2 goes live, I have a feeling my other MMO loves will be on the bench for a few days/weeks.  I've been totally in love with all aspects of this game in the two betas I've played. 

The beta tests (IMHO) have been very similar to the wonderful experience I had with RIFT during beta weekends.  TRION and ArenaNet really seem to be on top of what a quality MMO should be.

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  1. Awesome to get some play time, but 4 hours hmmm. I think everybody was expecting a new beta weekend or a releasedate, stress test is just... boring :-/ If anyone need access to the stress test or next beta weekend, I can recommend , great place to trade gw2 stuff.