Monday, June 11, 2012

Guild Wars 2 - pet collecting

Guild Wars 2 has exceeded all expectations and I'm thoroughly loving the Ranger.  Part of the fun has been searching out the companion pets available for rangers in Tyria.

Over the two beta weekends, I and a few guild-mates managed to locate and charm 24 land and 3 aquatic pets. It has been fun locating and sharing the info with the other pet happy people in our guild.  I even ninja-stole one from one friend.  Never trust me when it comes to pets/mounts - I've warned them!

I didn't get photos of a all the pets charmed, but here are some that were:

Juvenile Whiptail Devourer (Charmed Plains of Ashford, Devourer's Mouth, Charr area)

Juvenile Lashtail Devourer (Charmed Diessa Plateau)

Juvenile Lynx (Charmed Snowden Drifts)

Juvenile White Moa (Charmed Snowden Drifts)

Juvenile Alpine Wolf (Charmed Outcast's Cleft)

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Juvenile Black Bear (Charmed Charr's Triumph)

Juvenile Brown Bear (Charmed Borealis Forest)

Juvenile Polar Bear (Charmed Lake Mourn, Norn area)

Juvenile Krytan Drakehound (Charmed Shire of Beetletun)

Juvenile Eagle (Charmed Earthlords' Gap)

Juvenile Hyena (Charmed at Victor's Presidium - readily available Charr zones)

Juvenile's Ice Drake (Charmed Outcast's Cleft Wayfarer's Foothills) 

Juvenile Marsh Drake (Charmed Lowlands - Eternal Battleground)

Juvenile River Drake (Charmed Western Divinity Dam, Queensdale) 

Juvenile Pig (Charmed Farshore Ward, Lion's Arch)
**also available Borderlands Champion's Demense behind bard

Juvenile Raven (Charmed Snowlord's Gate, Norn start area) 

Juvenile Snow Leopard (available choice for Norn, charmable Norn start area Wayfarere's Foothills)

 Juvenile Forest Spider (Charmed Champion's Demense - Borderlands in the apple orchard)

Juvenile Warthog (Charmed Wildcreek Run, also available in Borderlands)

Not photo'd yet:
Juvenile Arctodus (Charmed Moleberia, Norn area - quest to complete)
Juvenile Owl (Charmed  Snowden Drifts, southside of Valslake)
Juvenile Salamander Drake (Charmed Eternal Battlegrounds)
Juvenile Red Moa (Charmed Charr start area Cadem Forest) also available are Whiptail Devourer)
Juvenile Shark (Charmed Borderlands)
Juvenile Blue Jellyfish (Charmed Lion's Arch)
Juvenile Armorfish (Charmed Lion's Arch, The Bilge - sewers)

Hopefully, next beta we'll add to the collection.  I'm definitely loving the exploration and totally wonderful rush of adreneline when the word "Juvenile" appears on my screen!

** Thanks to Tox, Ky, Raven and Altha for sharing info on a few of the pets locations! **

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