Monday, July 23, 2012


Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 3 (BW3) gave us the opportunity to try the Sylvari and Asura races.  Both zones are fantastic definitely different, but lots of fun.

As our characters from the previous BW's were wiped and personal time didn't allow for much actual game play, I just did some exploring and locating of charmable pets for the Ranger once it goes live.

Juvenile Saimoth (Flamingo's were also in this area)

 Location for Juvenile Saimoth

 Juvenile Red Jellyfish
 Location for Red Jellyfish

Juvenile Marsh Drake
Location for Juvenile Marsh Drake
 I did find the Jungle Spiders, but didn't get screenshots.

Other than that I spent some time taking screenshots of the gorgeous vistas (which is another new addition this weekend). 

I found this one while exploring for pets.  I didn't get the exact location, but it was in the Asura area after you leave the start zone. When you locate what looks like old money hanging in the air, you interact with it and you'll get a beautiful cut scene of the well - vista!

ArenaNet has outdone themselves on the beauty in this game. The details are everywhere and totally incredible. 

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