Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Secret World (TSW)

TSW Links, Writeups and Blogs

FunCom Links

The Secret World | Funcom website
TSW Wiki 

CGN: The Secret World Uncovered
FunCom YouTube Channel
FunCom News
FunCom Store
FunCom Community Site

Dulfy.net - individual articles on zones, instances, etc., listed below (personal favorite site)

Decks and Builds
TSW Loot Table
The Deck Builder
Yokai's Guide to Talismans
Bad OmenCalculators - abilities, gear (talismans)
End Game Gearing

Blood/Assault Rifle - Healing Build

Missions, Quests and Zones  (some spoilers)
Yokai's Guide to Understanding the Mission System
Kingsmouth Quests Walkthru (hints; uncoverable spoilers)
Savage Coast Quests Walkthru (hints; uncoverable spoilers) 
Blue Mountain Quests Walkthru (hints; uncoverable spoilers)
Scorched Desert Quests Walkthru (hints; uncoverable spoilers)
City of the Sun God Quests Walkthru (hints; uncoverable spoilers)
Besieged Farmlands Quests Walkthru (hints; uncoverable spoilers)

Mortal Sins (Transylvania) Quest Walkthru
The Shadowy Forest (Transylvania) Quest Walkthru
Carpathian Fangs Quests Walkthru

Illuminati Faction Missions

TSW: Gravity - Investigation Mission

TSW Guides - Instance Guides
Polaris Dungeon Guide  
Into The Inferno - Guide for Dummies!
Hell Raised (Inferno) Guide
The Darkness War Guide
Ankh/Pandora's Box Guide
Hell Fallen Guide

The Facility (Elite Dungeon Guide)
Hell Raised (Elite Dungeon Guide)

Polaris - Nightmare Mode
Inferno - Nightmare Mode


Crafting Guide (TenTonHammer)
Almars Crafting Guide
Gadget Crafting
Crafting Consumables
Stylish Corpse Crafting Tips

Fashion and Wardrobe
Sephoras Closet - clothing info
Women's Fashion's at Pangaea

Quests with Clothing Rewards

Direct X11 Graphic Comparision
Secret UI - addons
Curse.com - addons
Rare Spawn Compilation Thread

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