Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hammerfist Clan adds WoW

Hammerfist Clan, the guild I'm a member of, has added a World of Warcraft team to go along with the other sponsored games in the HFC lineup.  I know I'm biased, regarding HFC, but it really is great to be able to go game to game with people you already know and have built friendships with over the years versus having to start over each game trying to find a guild that works.

Currently HFC has teams in six MMOs:

LoTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) our oldest branch were we recently celebrated HFC's 11th Anniversary, LoTRO style - complete with fireworks, parade and freezetag. The LoTRO team has a ton of experience as many have played since beta and have a variety of max level characters. (Brandywine server)
 LoTRO team and other HFC members that came to celebrate

RIFT.  One of my personal favorites.  The RIFT team is pure awesome!  We're casual but do raid Mondays/Tuesday, and have other team activities throughout the week, including Crifting, Instance runs, pick up raids and PvP. (Faeblight, Defiant side)
RIFT team, Greenscale Blight Raid

TOR (Star Wars:The Old Republic).  HFC has two teams, one Republic and one Empire. Both are very active and have raid schedules.  I'm not playing TOR at this time but I believe they raid on Fri/Sat/Sun. (Canderous Ordo for the Republic & The Shadowlands for the Empire)
TOR Republic beating SOA

TSW (The Secret World).  With the recent launch of TSW, the team is still leveling, but we're all enjoying this game. It definitely is one of the different ones, but many of us have opted for lifetime subs, so the TSW team should be around for many years.  Currently the offiers are working on setting up days for Guild Instance Runs and team PvP. (Arcadia dimension)
 TSW in Fusang pvp

GW2 (Guild Wars 2).  The GW2 has been playing the beta weekends, while we impatiently wait for launch in August.  It will be a fantastic team, blending the PvPers (w00t), along with the team-mates that are all about PvE and the crafters. (Server selection is still being discussed, but we've been on Eternal Grove for beta)
HFC team, Borderlands PvP

Newest addition, WoW (World of Warcraft), to the mix is fantastic for the polygamerous, like me, that play a variety of games. WoW is still going strong and with the Mist of Panderia expansion out in the next few months, it will continue to be one of the foundation MMOs. I'll be relocating one (or more) of my toons there and likely rerolling a few to experience all things WoW! (Bealgun server, Alliance).
 Sithi on one of her many mounts

Overall, I'm very excited by all the new things happening with HFC. Recent additions to our already busy forum is a member article section were news and reviews will be featured, along with a new area of non-gamer topics, including interesting discussions on food, sports, books, movies and music.

So, if you're looking to connect with casual-core gamers that honor real life over gaming, but take our gaming serious - in a fun way of course -  check out the amazing community - Hammerfist Clan.

HFC is an 18+ age drama free guild. Currently using Mumble.

Team application

Code of Conduct for HFC teams

How HFC began - Gaming is theraputic.

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