Saturday, April 3, 2010

WoW Warsong Gulch weekend

Battleground weekends aka now known as Call to Arms start Thursday and runs through Tuesday.  Extra honor and experience (leveling) are worth participating in the featured BG.

Thursday night my druid went from level 46 to 50 just in Warsong Gulch (one of my favorites especially with the 20 minute time). Although I did hear someone complain yesterday "not another drawn out 20 minute win".  I had to laugh and asked if he remembered when WSG could literally take 45 minutes to a few hours - he didn't.  I'll take the 20 minutes.
  1. Yes turtles exist but they always have.  
  2. Yes graveyard campers exist but they always have.  
  3. Yes people farming HK midfield exist, but they always have.
I hadn't realized WSG was the Call to Arms, and so surprised when my druid was leveling every two or so wins.  Nice XP gain there!  Dinged 50 Thursday evening, proceeded to level the lock and hunter both to 40 (4 levels each) and the second hunter is sitting at 38 on Friday.  I'm going to try and get her to 40 too.  Then work on the pally and rogue tomorrow.

I don't have a ton of patience with some people in WSG, especially those that want to turtle on Defense when we're losing 2-0.  Go offense aggressively or end it and lets requeue.  Or the ones that believe jumping off the graveyard into a sea of red, one at a time is a brilliant strategy.  Or the hunter that gets offended when you ask them to trap or flare the flag spawn point.  Or better the healer that leaves the flag carrier to go sit midfield and die...alot.   The best though, when you have to ask ANYONE at the beginning to buff everyone. OMG lazy or dumb never sure.  I try not to bitch and complain but some people, seriously learn to play.

So the Alliance gang will move along in the 40's mostly, while still doing random BG's - love them too much to not.  The levels they've gained will put them were I want so I can spend the next 4-5 levels working on crafting, questing and running instances.

A side note to the PvP changes.  Converting the BG's marks to straight honor, all the lowbies have a bunch so have been buying PvP gear (normally I skip that til later levels), but 100 to 300 honor for PvP gear, when they're all sitting at 4-25K honor - pretty cheap.  I know I PvP alot.  The mounts now - 50,000 honor - probably won't be getting one of those right away.   The worst part the travel to Warsong Gulch start area or Arathi Basin start area to get the gear!  I hope they don't move them, I know it's inconveniet but sometimes in game we need to do a little work!!!

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  1. I have really been enjoying playing in that exact same bracket in WSG this past week. My druid ALSO went from 46 to 50 mostly in the Gulch, picked up those sweet sweet PvP rewards, and will be grinding out some levels in instances to keep her gear up to date before returning to the bgs full time at 56.

    But it wasn't all in one night. :-)