Saturday, April 3, 2010

EQ2 Again

I couldn't resist getting the next expansion for EQ2 (EverQuest 2), even though I haven't played EQ2 in over a year. It's still my first love. 

So, I jumped on my Ratonga first. Found her in North Qeynos, standing in front of her loom where she's been for a year. Yes it made tons of sense to me at the time, roll a Berzerker (plate wearer) Ratonga, i.e. small, and then make her profession be tailoring!  /wrists - oh well.
(In her green/red appearance gear)

She was my second character, the evil one to my Kerra Monk's good side.  Being one of my first characters and not alot of thought as to 'why' I made her a Bezerker, so a plate wearer and choose as a profession - a tailor.  Hmmm.  I've enjoyed playing her, even though I don't think I'm that good of a tank.
Now level 44, she was my first betrayal questline, betraying Freeport, then rep grind to get into Qyenos.  I still find it humorous some of the guards in Qeynos still don't like her.  The Freeport-Qeynos betrayal (back before it was nerfed) was one of the harder ones, especially compared to Faydark or Neriak or even Freeport now - they're cake!  Just killing the NPC before being beaten up and thrown in jail - took me 2 or 3 levels to do.

I still question why I rolled tank classes (Bezerker and Monk) for my first two EQ2 characters, as I enjoy offtanking or melee dps, but main tank...not so much.  I've toyed with hitting delete and re-rolling her as something else, but 44 levels in EQ2 (especially crafting too) is not a few weeks time investment.  So, I haven't yet.  Plus I love her house! (lots of screenies to come as in the past year Sony gave each house an additional room!)

So back in EQ2 just in time for Bristlebane Day.  I've been running the Bristlebane quests, crafting the items as everyone needs paper plate armor made of coffee (seriously creative), I actually think he's the God for one of the characters...hmmm.

 Below is my necromancer in her Bristlebane finery.  A tad garish but she lives in Neriak. Enough said.

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