Thursday, April 1, 2010

LoTRO again

During the PAXEast event, Turbine offered the complete LoTRO game, including Mines of Moria & Siege of Mirkwood, along with 30 days free play for $9.99.

Yeah I know, had to buy it!

I already have the collectors set from the games initial release but have never purchased the expansion as I haven't played in a year.

My biggest regret with LoTRO is not buying the lifetime membership for $199 when it was initially offered.  This is a gorgeous game and I love playing it - beautiful scenery, characterization is fun, crafting is different, PvP is really different!  Rumor is it's up to $300 for lifetime, which is the equivalent of 20 months.  Hmmm.... if I had bought it in 2007.... Oh well.  I put a ticket in to Billing to see if Lifetime does still exist.

The tradeoff - time to play versus monthly cost.  I always balk at the monthly fee for a couple days a month.  could look at this as equivalent to going to the movies once or a meal out, but in our current economy.... hard to justify!  Add to that I still have DragonAge and Borderlands collecting dust.

LoTRO is downloaded, account is activeLoT and on the agenda for Easter weekend (on the recovery side of the flu/but not up for socializing).  Another game to remember how to play - lol!


  1. IDK! Brandywine? LOL its been awhile. I'm actually debating hitting delete on all but the highest lvl one to replay again.

  2. Ah, I'm on Landroval. Though honestly not really very active anyway, these days.