Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Server

It's been a few weeks on the new server, Vashj.  So's okay.

I was a bit bummed, when my Alliance guild was deciding where to move and the vote seemed to be going for Vashj and I jumped the gun, then it swung to the Malorne server.  Malorne is CST, and I just didn't want to get trapped into that again - raid/group at 4pm PST - sorry not going to work!  I'll miss a number of people from that guild, but not the frustration of trying to play with East Coast players that log out before I'm ever on - missing raids/instances/old content because of time difference was not fun.  Bid them all farewell, good luck and exchange of text info, and off to make my way on a new server.

I've put a couple of alts in different guilds, but haven't found the 'fit' yet.  I'm not a guild hopper, and don't really mind being guildless as no guild is better than the mindless chatter/drama filled ones.

I keep thinking I should be lonely, but after the past year or so of both Alliance and Horde guilds restructures, dramas, people coming and going - I'm actually enjoying the solitude, leveling alts that have been sitting around for awhile instead of the pressure to be on or go do/run something I'm really not in the mood for - so all in all I've had a relaxing time.  These are all characters that I have wanted to try the different professions on as well as 'eventually' get a couple to end game before Cataclysm.  So that is what I'm doing!

Two hunters - a dwarf and draenei 35/36 (I know but I love this class its an addictive sickness!), the druid 46 (my only male character), the gnome warlock 37 (my original WoW Alliance character!) are working on their professions (enchanting, engineering, alchemy, tailoring and the assorted gathering professions).  Next on the list is the shaman sitting at 28, and the pally at 23 for jewelry and blacksmith professions. 

Ziboo (gnome rogue bank alt), has been freed from duty and is leveling slowly too.  Level 12 right now, I'm finding rogues are fun to play - lol! 

Therefore, the plan for the next couple months, is to continue leveling with a mix of questing, grouping and bgs (okay lots of bgs), while having the death knight run higher instances for mats to level up their skills if needed.

The dungeon finder is a godsend - thank you Blizzard - as LFG is no longer the PiA it use to be!  I've been in more level appropriate dungeons in the past month than in the previous two years!  Love it!

 A slight digression, but I have to say with WoW, I haven't found a class that I don't like to play - well maybe Warriors.  Not that I dislike them, just seem to have no talent that direction.

Twice I've made it to level 20 and deleted the character!  Getting, maintaining rage - yikes!

I may try again I have a gnome warrior at level 5 that may one day....

This in truth is followed by Mage's.  I don't know why but I can't get into playing a Mage.  My original WoW character is a Mage.  2 1/2 years later she's 23.  I just can't/don't play her.  So, if I get the rest moved along I may try to level a Mage and a Warrior - just to see if I can!!!

So, thoroughly loving my Alliance group - even on a Horde heavy server - where winning Wintersgrasp is usually an activity after 2 a.m., and world PvP is abundant.  I'm enjoying Vashj.  It's a medium population server, trade is trade, the people have been mostly friendly, so all in all a nice place for the gang to hangout while I level along.

(Feels like a scene from 300 in most WG's - outnumbered in a sea of red)

Now that I've said all that, a blogging community guild has been started - Single Abstract Noun on both US (alliance) Argent Dawn server  and EU (horde) Argent Dawn server, so I've been highly tempted to roll yet another character there.  Time for that Mage, Warrior or Rogue to level ...hmmm, or Hunter #1,155... rofl!

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