Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Off the beaten path

While questing in Searing Gorge - one of the zones you either love or hate.  The giant big hole in the middle can be a  real PiA, but I actually enjoyed it this time through.  I didn't like this much on a Horde priest in a heavy Alliance questing zone, and really must have skipped this zone or did only a select few quests on my Alliance characters.

Maybe the stealth feature a druid has made some of the quests that much easier to accomplish, but I really didn't remember many of the quests (and I've leveled three 80s, so go figure!).  Stealing the dwarves pillows for Kill Them with Sleep Deprivation was interesting, even when Chambermaid Pillaclencher popped out!  A bit of a surprise - yea for root, run, heal abilities!!  Or the very easy What the Flux? Love the humor Blizz!

Nothing tickles me more than finding these obscure quests in games.  This one - The Horn of the Beast which involves killing a now non-elite beast - Margol the Rager was great!  I received a key! 

There are two follow ups to this chain, basic delivery quests Loch Modan to Ironforge to Loch Modan, which rewards you with a key.  Specifically the Key to Searing Gorge.  This allows you (for whatever reason you might want it - lol!) to go from Loch Modan directly to Searing Gorge or vice versa. 

I'm not sure how useful this is with shorter hearth times and multitude of flight paths, but it's another key!  I can hear the clinking of keys now!  (Yes, I'll be repeating this quest for keys for the 80's too!)

Rumor is this is one of the keys/items if you faction change stays with you. (I was not thrilled losing - Dartol's Rod of Transformation when I faction changed one character!) That could make it useful for a Horde player/group wanting to sneak into Ironforge, I guess or shortcut if you don't have the flight paths yet.

I wish WoW had more quests like this.  In other MMOs (EQ2/Warhammer for example), where objects/books can be found in so many odd places that start quests or give rewards, I'm always just thrilled to find these exploring Azeroth.

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