Monday, August 31, 2009

Quest torture?

The quest line from Librarian Normantis ending with The Art of Persuasion has been a bit controversial in the online press. From a gaming perspective I didn't have the problem or issue with it so many do (ex. should we have the right to say no, I won't torture for you?) and have completed it on both the Alliance and Horde side.
It does seem though there is a mild slam on the US governments policies with 'prisoners' and the use of Rendition by the CIA. I'm not a political blogger, but seeing Americans lose our freedom almost daily is disturbing in itself - so not going to rant here or it would be long!!!
Should we have a 'right' to make a political stand in-game? It could be interesting, but unless its going to shape your future or change the outcome somehow I don't know that it's necessary. There are quests I skip for various reasons (I hate killing the pretty blue butterflies on Bloodmyst Island for one), so don't do a quest if you don't want! There are plenty of other things to do in WoW!

If you 'choose' not to do this one, all you're losing is a bit of xp and rep with the Kirin Tor. It's not like a game breaker.

Personally, I hate kidnapping and killing for the Kula'uk more in that rep grind than this quest! Besides it's war - we kill, maim, beat, stab, burn, dismember daily this quest didn't seem any more horrific than most of the quests.

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