Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend fun

It was Alteric Valley weekend. Sooo - lots of AV's played, to the point Sas leveled from 75.5 to 77 with no problem. As I love BGs (win/lose/tie) I'm still thrilled about the leveling xp available now. The only down side - the level 80's want quick for the marks to requeue, the 'levelers' want a drawn out game as the xp for taking objectives in the mid-70's is 18-20K.

As Sassi reached the magic flying number, she can no get around Northrend much easier, although she's having the same issue - artisan is not paid for, just cold-weather. Still, it's better than ground transport!Here's how she exited Dalaran - out the sewer drain - levitate ftw!!
Right now she's parked in Dragonblight when not out working her Kalu'ak rep grind. As I didn't do Dragonblight on Sithi, I'm going to do both the Horde and Alliance side pretty much at the same time.

Sithi leveled so fast she has all of Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Sholazar, Zul'Drak, and Storm Peaks. I'm going to hop back/forth Alliance/Horde in those areas.

The two DK's, Greaf (Alliance) and Biya (Horde) are going to be the next to level at least to 70. I'm not sure I have any great plans on max level with them, but they're both herbing/inscription so I want them high enough to be able to harvest their own herbs in Northrend.

Biya bought her pretty flying mount (lvl 60 flying is fantastic!)
After those two, I'm going to work on the Horde hunter and for Alliance - narrowed to pally, shammy, lock or druid - is that narrowed? lol

Everyone over lvl 20 has mounts now, although I tend to forget that they do at times. The flying, I swear it's the best part of WoW at times.

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