Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sons of Hodir

Started The Sons of Hodir rep grind - well I'm on the quest chain - let me clarify that!

It's another dress up chain, reminding me very much of Netherwing where you're an Orc, in this one so far you're a one of those valkyrie type woman. So do the guys turn into strapping woman warriors too? I've got to see a gnome in this getup!

One part you're on your flying mount, which wasn't to bad on the drake, but on the smaller gryphon, this looks like animal abuse!!!

The 16 part chain that I did up to getting my harness went very quickly at level 80. So, now on to the next section to get to neutral. Then the long grind to Exalted!

The work we do for a specific item or access to more stuff! Lol!

I'm still working on the darn Kalu'ak - getting sick of stealing puppies (killing their mom's too!), picking up supplies and being a dating service for sealife - but lust for that sweet fishing pole!

At least Knights of the Ebon Blade and Alliance Vanguard are whacking the bad guys!

Must run - the hamster wheel grind is calling!

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  1. Yup. If I display the Patron title, it'll switch to Matron as I fly through. :)