Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 'lock is leveling

I'm still toying with which of the Alliance gang to work on to max level, but had decided to move Frothe out of the semi-twink state she's been in. The 10-19's were fun, but with the xp in BGs, the need to twink or not is gone for me.

So, she dinged 20 and has her new mount - 'locks are so cool - who needs a saddle or bridle for a fire-filled demonic horse!
And new demonic fiendy - Domanda - the succubus the boys love to have out!
New spells, questing and of course more PvP time - if you like PvP, playing a gnome is a must as they're PvP magnets! Frothe originally was created to annoy my 'gnome-hating-red-is-dead' PvP oriented daughter! Just playing Alliance makes her grind her teeth - a gnome is pure torture!

Otherwise, Frothe will likely do a bit of leveling in BG's as well as instance runs for gear. There are certain quest lines/areas, I enjoy so I won't miss those.

Acheivement-wise, I doubt I'll go full out like I've been doing with Sithi - too much time to get them all! But, I am debating changing her professions, as she has been herbalism/engineering for the benefits at 19. I'm thinking she'll drop herbalism in favor of tailoring. I have enough others that do gathering professions and tailoring may be beneficial for her.

Frothe is coming up on her 2 year birthday during Brewfest, being the second character I created when I first started on WoW, she's one of the two that have the Wolpertinger (didn't play during Brewfest last year - deep in Warhammer lust!), so she'll have to do something special at the end of the month!

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