Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hillsbrad Tourism

Biya (Horde DK) is leveling her herbalism to supply her scribing needs. She hasn't started making $$ like Greaf (Alliance DK), so she's been out working away on herbing. Her choices were Hillsbrad, STV or Wetlands. Hmm two gangtastic places or a predominately Alliance area (Wetlands is the fastest imho). **Added note if you aren't using Gatherer or some sort of marking add on you should!

Oh what the heck Hillsbrad - fond memories getting attacked by a guy hiding in the bushes dressed like a pirate when I was a wet behind the ears noob and at least you can see the 'red' guys most of the time!

Hillsbrad is the first place most people experience world pvp and ganking on PvP servers with the never-ending back and forth fight between Southshore and Tarren Mills. Having done my share of wiping the towns, being killed at all levels and in different parts of this zone (both sides) - it is definitely not for the faint of heart! Hmm maybe all the trees in STV would have been a better hiding spot. Like a glowing footed horse that screams every time you mount can be hidden!

Anyway, Biya, being a DK and not having leveled there is herbing, and doing her explorer achievement. While she's been making her tour she visited a couple of places that are a bit interesting -

The big pink hole that use to be Dalaran - I wish I could have seen that take off. All my Horde characters when in the vicinity of the former Dalaran location must make a few grind loops trying to get the black kitty as I'm way to cheap to pay hundreds of gold for it!

The normal places are visited (Sassi is actually finishing missed quests from this area for Exalted status with Under City and the Loremaster title so more screenies to come!)

One of the places that was finally visited, the mysterious island off the coast - Purgation Isle A 'must visit' for the Hillsbad exploration.
Seemingly innocent its full of spectral elite mobs, and once you're on it it becomes gloomy, depressing colored.
This is what is up top - nothing. More elite mobs, but no secret 'ah ha!' I found it anything. So why is it there? Why level 60 elites in a 20-30 zone?

Next stop to pay respects to Mr. Stark.

Had to run by and see George Candarte - UC leatherworking supplies guy tucked back in the hills near the wall and Kris Legace - freewheeling tradeswoman on the backside of Durnhold.

Hillsbrad is a fun area to level with interesting questing. A great place for mining, herbing and skinners (the yeti cave skin and coin ftw!). Its full of lore and for more awesome times - post level 68ish - the Caverns of Time - seeing all the movers and shakers back before they were important NPC's in the game. Love it!

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