Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alterac Valley

Alterac Valley battleground (AV BG) is a love or hate bg. Personally I love it and have been in so many with different alts/servers, I lost track a long time ago. Right now its regained popularity as its a great way to grind xp if your sick of kill 10 more whatever quests in Outlands or Northrend.

In fact, Sassi did her last three/four levels to 80 in battlegrounds, mostly AV. (An AV weekend was sweet with the extra honor!) Nice to pick up a few achievements (Loyal Defender - 50 kills in your base) on the way too!

The DK's have been stagnating in the mid 60's (Death Knight), but with the xp in bgs I'm slowly leveling them. Honestly I haven't any interest in most of the Outlands quests so until they're Northrend ready its AV time! Also there are no real plans for either as far as endgame raiding, daily grinding, achievements chasing, etc., goes either. They're both just for fun (horde 63 and alliance 65).

Since AV gives the best xp at this level, that's what they're doing! It doesn't hurt that I enjoy AV, and still queue both the hunter and shadow priest. I mean, where else can 40 people queue up and overcoming all the diverse opinions and personalities, the afkers, the 'all Offense' or 'all Defense' proponents, or the people that just scream in chat that we're all losers even before we leave the cave?

When it comes together its great, when its a fail... its a horrid fail!

This is what I love to see -

This is one of the 'shouldn't have happened BGs. The alliance was ahead by 150+ points but the 'all in for Drek' crowd won the day (who needs defense=/fail). So the contiued run in/out dying/rezzing and the Horde beat us by 5 points!!! The Horde so deserved that win! 5-0 I'd say unbelievable but I've been on the winning side at 4-0 so I know it can happen.

This screenie is from a week ago, when I was on Sassi. Defending the base I was wondering what was firing on me - when I looked up and saw this gryphon! Apparently some industrious alliance in the AV had summoned him - his attacks are pretty hard hitting for the non-bubble wearing crowd. I hadn't seen this before so found it interesting!

Makes me wish for the days of vanilla wow with the epic 3 hour to 3 day battles that actually requirred strategy and teamwork. The zergfest that it is now is what so many of us know and are comfortable with now, unfortunately.

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