Friday, September 12, 2014

ArcheAge Headstart Launch

A flood of Patron's trying to log in, dropped the servers at 10 am PST.  They were back up but lots of issues getting online. 

Finally past the character creation screen and in queue - 850 players ahead of me and a 23 min wait.  Argh!

Dang, the less people in queue in front of me the longer the time - 583 and 47 minutes - I hope that is a gross miscalculation!!!

So, while I'm waiting, (I wish we could set our key binds while in queue!), I made an Elf.  I was going to go with Occultism, but ended up going Archery, which I'm likely to combine with Vitalism and Shadowplay, then see what else looks interesting as I progress.

555 and 45 minutes.....

"The Plan" is to level through the green story quests as quickly as possible, while picking up the scarecrow (8x8), donkey and large scarecrow (16x16) quests.  That way we can get the stuff planted with the longest maturity harvest times.  It was a scramble last night relearning all those trade quests as I haven't played since patch 1.2 - no more strawberries - boo!  I had those amounts, routes, etc.  My spreadsheet for that is useless too.

506 and 20 minutes...

As I'm working with another player on this we're going to drop one house with our guild and one on the coast.  One will be the 16x16 small house, the other the larger 24x24.

I did download the iPhone app for timing harvests - Farming Timer.

37 and 1 minutes.... w00t!

Oh Trion what a tease.  22 and 2 minutes.... /sigh

Yeah I'm in.  Well for awhile.  Every half hour or so, I guess Trion wants me to take a break so I get d/cd and have another 1/2 hour queue to get back in game.  

Finally made it to Windshade, but still two levels too low for the scarecrow quest that now has to be started at level 10.  Time to go do some sidequests.

D/C again and now HackShield doesn't work.  Is it time for a /golfclap for Trion for putting out this game?  4 1/2 hours since launch and I've been in game less than two.  Yeah I know QQ launch day, right?  Well, I remember how smooth RIFT launch was and this is the polar opposite.  If I have to redownload the whole damn thing AGAIN, not going to be a happy camper!

Oh Joy!  Back in queue again.  In five hours since launch I've spent the majority of the time waiting to play.   Headstart...grumble, grumble, grumble. 

And booted again at the queue loading screen.  I guess it's not in my stars to play ArcheAge today.

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