Friday, September 19, 2014

ArcheAge Launch

Soooo, AA (ArcheAge) officially launched today. 

I will say the HeadStart post about Saturday afternoon was very smooth and fairly queue/bug free.

Tonight, the queue's are back, but that's to be expected.  The downside has been the somewhat controversial release today of the new "starter" packs, that many feel are giving a tad more than the Patron's did.  There's a few threads on the forum about this as well as an un-official poll.

After a dismal first day of HeadStart, including having to completed uninstall AA and Glyph, and reinstall overnight, I wasn't a happy camper.  I border a friends PC that is playing AA too, and ran around to find a place to plunk down my house. Not where I wanted it, but it was put down.  I kind of feel Trion/XL Games, made it too easy to get that initial house.  It didn't feel like an achievement at all.  We all knew it was going to be a land rush on Friday, but with 50-75% of the people crashing, queue nightmares, the land grab wasn't pretty for many of us.

Saturday looked bright as the game patched and loaded, well server issues, DDOS attacks? and queues, I didn't get on until late on Saturday.  After that it's ran fairly smoothly.  Random character selection black screens, that require reloading the game, some lag spikes randomly, but otherwise it's been great!

As for my journey, I did get my character made, an Elf.  We blew through the initial quests to get the small scarecrow farm and donkey trade pack completed and started working on the materials for the 16x16 farm.  (I should say thank you to Trion for being so generous with ingame gold, it made buying many of the low level mats much, much easier.)

Sunday, I was fortunate to get the 16x16 farm quest out of the way as well.  After not finding housing, I didn't think I'd find anywhere to put the 16x16 down, but finally did, out in Karkasse Ridge under the bones of a giant dragon tail.  It's a fairly desolate looking area, but quiet.  I have an alt toon parked out there to manage the farming, so I can work on getting the Elf to 50.

Right now she's 26, (waiting to get back in after a black screen d/c, queue of 600+/52 minutes) we're questing in Two Crowns heading towards Cinderstone.  That should be fun, I've never been in Cinderstone at all and will be my first time in a contested zone, so a new place to explore and quests I haven't touched and likely much PvP death!

Here's a fun blog I found today - - love his AA Headstart review.

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