Sunday, June 22, 2014

ArcheAge Alpha

ArcheAge has been on my radar for a few years now, so I hesitantly bought into the Alpha. (Very mixed feelings on the whole buy to try thing, but the buy in has some decent rewards including three months Patron status)

City of Towers (East/Haranya)

Marianople (West/Nuia)

So, in my usual way, I've been exploring all races, crafting and the gorgeous world XLGames created and TRION is publishing in North America. I'm not overly keen on the anime/manga art style, but figure I could get past it like any other MMO.  Running in high heels though does grind my nerves a bit!

I started with an Elf (Ranger of course), and have added a Nuian, Harani and Firran as well.  Firran and Harani are the East, Elves and Nuians are the West (I still don't know enough about the lore as to why they're fighting). 

Character creation is fairly robust with a variety of choices, all except the ginormous jello boobs on the female toons. Those weapons are a bit disconcerting. Seriously? There is a plethora of types of eyebrow/eye sliders and nothing for the super jiggle twins? /sigh

Character creation aside, AA has been fun so far.  As there aren't a hundred 'how to' guides out there yet (at least not in English), there is a learning curve, but in the past two months much information has been accumulated, but much is still trial and error, or combing the 'Net for information.  My usual game spreadsheet is taking on larger and larger proportions for AA with copious 'how to' notes for launch.

ArcheAge is sand-boxy in some respect, but has a theme park element like most MMO's with the questing.  Considering it's not all translated from Korean yet, I find the questing is a bit of a yawn.  One innovation to questing that I like is the ability to turn in quests early for less XP or overachieve for more.  So, if you're suppose to collect 10 berries, you can go up 150% over for more XP, or less if it's something with a slowrespawn, etc.
Trade run to Marianople

Leveling is fairly quick, as you receive XP from almost everything - questing, all gathering/crafting, PvP, trade pack runs, etc.  So, if you really want to only craft you can level, but will need a steady supply of materials from a higher up (or deep pockets for the AH!).

I do enjoy the 'leveling' required for your mounts and battle pets, although it can be annoying when they get in your way kiting mobs, there is no insta-awesome battle pet.  So far I've leveled the racial mount for each, the donkey (a trade pack must) to 20 and have a couple of battle pets (wolf and cat) as well as the Lilyut Horse from Mirage Island (faster speed mount).  The Lilyut mount is still leveling as I just bought it the other day, so still in it's teens.

If you LOVE to craft.  AA may very well be your game.

It's very deep and very specialized as you advance.  All of the crafting is interdependent for different parts. So you'll have to cooperate with others; have a ton of alts; or use the auction house or have lots of alts to cover all the professions.
 Page 1 & 2 of Alchemy recipes

Crafting professions are: Alchemy, Metalwork, Cooking, Leatherworking, Weaponry, Tailoring, Handicrafts, Carpentry, Construction, Machining, Husbandry, Farming, Masonry, Gathering, Logging, Mining, Printing, Fishing, Larceny, Composition and Commerce.

There are five levels to master a specific craft: Basic to 10,000 skill > Novice to 20,000 skill >  Veteran 30,000 skill > Expert to 40,000 skill > Master to 50,000 skill.  It works in a type of pyramid as you can start with all but as you advance in skill it narrows down to only two at Master skill level.

Considering the amount of LP (labor points) and materials you use, two will take some diligence to achieve!

I've been testing different professions but I'm still in the Basic to Novice levels with all but Printing and Composition (haven't tried those), and have picked up some Larceny points harvesting trees out in the wilds planted by others. Fishing is one I still want to try, and have made the basic pole so far.

I'll add more info about other aspects of ArcheAge in another post.

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