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ArcheAge Farming

There are a number of options for those interested in farming in ArcheAge.  Free to Play players will be restricted to the Public Farms, while Patron players can utilize the Public Farms, as well as their own private Scarecrow, Pumpkinhead (16x16 scarecrow) or Aqua farm.

Multiple farms is one way to tackle growing all you need for trade packs and crafting, but taxes rise sharply the more you own, and like Labor Points, it's shared across your account (assuming by server once AA is live ??).

Public Farms

If you need some extra growing room, Public Farms are available (and will be used by F2P players after launch).  Just be aware that what you plant will only be protected for 24 hours. After that it's public property.

 Farm - up to 10 items  (Solzreed, Gweonid, Lilyut) (Falcorth Plains, Arcum Iris, Tigerspine Mtns)
Ranch - up to 5 items  (Dewstsone Plains, Cinderstone Moor) (??)

Nursery - up to 5 items  (White Arden) (Solis Headlands)

Stable - up to 5 items  (Solzreed Pennisula, Gwenoid Forest) (Arcum Iris, Falcorth Plains)

Battle Pets (Marianople ) (Mahadevi) - you need the milk from the cows there for the quest reward pet and/or purchased (Mirage Island) battle pets.

8x8 Scarecrow Farm
Quest Reward.
Quest start Windshade in Lilyut / Anvilton, Tigerspine

These are the starter farmers, readily available to anyone.  There 'appears' to be quite a bit of land, but as anyone in Alpha can attest, some areas it's hard to find an 8x8 let alone a 16x16.  There are temporary farms available in all of the start zones.  These last a week and are tax free.

What can you grow?
All 'seed' plants, all animals and some trees can be grown on the 8x8 scarecrow farm.  All plants/animals are a circular footprints, so pay attention to how you lay them out, especially for long maturing plants or animals you plan to keep (sheep for wool, etc.).

Here's a well planned cactus farm farm.  You can fit 36 of the smaller plants/seeds, if you lay them out correctly.
Water is used for the 'seed' plants, but costs some labor points (LP) to use. It's readily available near the seed merchants.  I usually carry a stack of 30, just so I don't run out.  Fertilizer is available from the merchant to, if your plants 'wilt'. 

Animals will require their own feed (barley for chickens/turkeys, beans for ducks/geese and combined feed for all others) and it's good to have livestock supplement on hand (sick/diseased animals take a long time to die!).  Combined feed and livestock supplement are crafted with a farmers workstation (you need the 16x16 farm for that), but is readily available on the auction house.

The trees I've grown on an 8x8 are Aspen, Avocado, Bamboo, Fig, Grapes, Juniper, Maple, and Willow (have not verified the rest yet).

16x16 Pumpkinhead Farm
Quest Reward. 
Quest Start Dewstone to Solis Headlands or Mahadevi to Solzreed

Walk thru of these quests available on

16 x 16 farm you can grow anything, but for the larger trees with long maturity times, pay attention to layout as they can tie up your useable space for a day or two, such as Oaks, Ash, etc.

Aquafarm (Marine)
Purchase plans Mirage Island.
This will 'use' your 8x8 scarecrow farm.
Coral's and Kelp are grown here, as well as trapping fish.

* Nuia/West  Haranya/East

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