WoW Characters

I've been play World of Warcraft after a few failed attempts since 2007.

I don't level fast as I love roaming around, working on crafting, PvP and have a get there when I get there attitude to rushing through content.  I also like to randomly two and three box characters.

Currently these toons are on Wyrmrest Accord, couple are still Horde, the majority Alliance.

(Wyrmrest Accord)

Sithi (lvl 110)
Race/Class: Night Elf  Beast Master Hunter
Crafting: Engineering, Mining,Cooking, Fishing, Archeology

My most played and what I'd likely call my 'main' if I had to pick one. Whichever I'm playing at the time is my main as I hate relegating any of my characters to the position of 'alt'!

Sithi has the most achievements and titles (not much by many people's standards but alot for me - lol!)  and she's traveled a bit too.

She was originally on Wildhammer, then spent most of her time on Darrowmere; briefly was on Blackwing Lair (blood elf) on the Horde side for a couple of months then Alliance and is now on Wymrest Accord - trying a walk on the RP side.

Sidthr (lvl 105)
Race/Class: Night Elf  Guardian Druid
Crafting: Skinning, Herbalism, Cooking, Fishing, First aid,

Absolutely love playing a druid.

Not that I'm very good, but I do love playing him. Sidthr started Feral spec (love kitty, hate bear), but switched to Boomkin in his 40's. Love it so far.

I do plan to spend some time as a tree doing instances and PvP, but tend to bandaid heal boomkin when the need arises.

Healing isn't my thing, watching health meters the whole time. I don't mind if it's an instance I've ran hundreds of times, but new ones, I'm such a tourist, I want to look around and kill things!

Biya (lvl 104)
Race/ Class: Draenei Survivialist Hunter
Crafting: Alchemy, Herbalism

Love hunters, and honestly could play them all the time.

Biya has moved around like Sithi, and recently faction changed from Draenei to Goblin and then experiencing life as a Pandaren to help our guild get the Stay Classy Achievement.  She's now back happily as a Draenei!

Frothe (lvl 104)
Race/Class: Gnome Demonolgy Warlock
Crafting: Engineering, Tailoring

Frothe was the first Alliance character I rolled to tease my daughter, who HATES gnomes. So a pink pigtailed gnome was perfect.  She has sat mostly unplayed for extensive times.

I did twink her for 10-19 bracket BGs and she did that for about 5-6 months and then started to level her. Most XP has been in BGs with a random dungeon or quest. She was switched to Demo with 4.0.1 and it's fun in PvP.  Frothe is a tailor/engineer that is out-leveling her crafting badly.

Greaf (lvl 103)
Race/Class: Night Elf Blood Death Knight
Crafting: Inscription/Herbalism

Greaf was "Ifari" started out as a gnome DK on Darrowmere, went to Blackwing Lair for a bit as a Blood Elf, then to Vashj as a Draenei, then a long sojourn on Wyrmrest Accord as an Orc,  She's back on the Alliance side as a Night Elf.

I do enjoy Unholy DK's, but there are so many toons, so little time!  She is our Inscription/Herbalist, so keeps everyone glyphed, and gold for the gang, to her loss. 

Ifari (lvl 104)
Race/Class: Draenei Enhancement Shaman
Crafting: Jeweler/Mining

Ifari started as "Sassii" on Wildhammer with Sithi and moved to Darrowmere, then Vashj then was boosted with refer-a-friend to 80 on Quel'dorei and needed a name change. She was moved to Wyrmrest Accord, faction changed from Draenei to Goblin for a year and is now back as a Draenei on WyA. 

She's been around for years, but randomly played.  I have been working on her the past couple of months and do enjoy Shamans.  I'm still working on the whole totem combo drop and when to drop what.  Soloing is so much different than grouping or PvP. 

 Taellis (lvl  109) 
Race/Class:  Worgen Frost Mage
Crafting:  Enchanting / 

Lyrill (lvl 106) 
Race/Class: Dwarf, Prot PaladinBM Hunter

Felrithe (lvl 100) 
Race/Class: Night Elf Demon Hunter

Zadril (lvl 95) 
Race/Class: Dwarf, BM Hunter

Zadril is another one of those moved so many times it's hard to count.  Darrowmere > Vashj > Wymrest Accord > Cenarion Circle > Wymrest Accord.  I think that is her last move!  She's the gang's Enchanter and backup Inscription.

 Halaah (lvl 95) 
Race/Class: Night Elf Discipline/Holy Priest

Halaah is new to the team, as I used the Boost to 90 with the Warlords purchase.  She is part of my three-box team. As she was boosted, she has no crafting skills.  Very weird feeling that!

Moon Guard

Sassrani (lvl 104)
Race/Class: Blood Elf Shadow Priest
Crafting: Herbalism/Mining 

Sassi as she's known in my Horde guild was the first character I leveled to 70 (pre-Wrath), as soon as I did, she sat on her flying mount over Shattrath City for a year as I went off to play Alliance.

When she dinged 80 she did have a few month stint as an Alliance Draenei, as I needed her mining skills to level Sithi's Engineering.  I just didn't love her as a Draenei so back she went!

Kelrithe (leveling 98)
Race/Class: Blood Elf Demon Hunter

Eandii (leveling 104)
Race/Class: Goblin Demonology Warlock
Crafting: Enchanting / Engineering

Biya (leveling 101)
Race/Class: Blood Elf
Crafting: Blacksmith / Inscription

Sidthr (leveling)
Race/Class: Blood Elf Mage
Crafting: Tailoring