SWTOR Characters

SWTOR Characters

I started TOR in beta and played through launch for about 4-5 months.  The game was just not 'done' at that time so took leave of it, until recently.  I'm likely just at the dabbling stage with so many interesting games out and on the horizon, but it is Star Wars!!!!, So, have to jump in every now and again because, well it's Star Wars!!!!

In every MMO, I've always played female characters with usually one male.  SWTOR has been the exception as I can't stand the way the female's run!  I like the models and choices, but once they run, it's so BLEAH, I /delete them.  It's a switch, but so far enjoyable.

My guildies though tell me the guys are too 'clean and pretty'.  I guess the GQ image was what I was going for.  My poor smuggler has been accused of looking like Johnny Depp or something out of an Old Spice Commercial.  Whatever!!!

The Shadowlands
The Republic team was originally on Candereous Ordo then was merged with Jedi Covenant. Recently the gang finally migrated th The Shadowlands which has been the Empire teams home since launch.

Lyril DePayens
Level 60. Trooper/Commando
(BioChem, BioAnalysis, Diplomacy)

Dinged 50 on Lyril a month after launch. Currently 65, doing KoTFE things.

Aleric DePayens 
Level 60ish.  Smuggler/Scoundrel
(BioChem, BioAnalysis, Slicing)

Aleric is still leveling. he smuggler is alot of fun, but plays so differently than the Trooper. He's definitely more of a 'glass-cannon' feel.

Khaer DePayens  
Level 65. Jedi Warrior/Sentinel 
(CyberTech, Scavenging, Underworld Trading)

Taellis DePayens 
Level 60ish Jedi Consular/Sage 
(Artifice, Archeology, Diplomacy)


The Shadowlands

Ziyad Depayens
Bounty Hunter. (Zabrak, leveling)
(ArmsTech, Scavenging, Slicing)


Zam'yr Depayens 
Imperial Agent (Cathar, leveling)
(Cybertech, Scavenging, Underworld Trading)

Sidthr Depayens 
Sith Warrior. (Sith, leveling)
(Biochem, Bioanalysis, Treasure Hunting)

Biya Depayens
Level 65.  Sith Inquisitor. (Sith)
(Slicing, Bioanalysis, Dipomacy)

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