The Secret World Cast

The Secret World Characters

Hammerfist Clan (HFC) rolled Templar by a narrow vote over Dragon.  So we've rolled out the guild on Arcadia dimension.  I will be playing both Illuminati and Dragon in the future and have names reserved.

Jaqueline "Lyril" deMolay.

Build(s): Shotgun/AR or Shotgun/Elemental or Elemental/Blood.  Those are the flavors of the moment!  Or off healing PvP!

Generally running around chasing AP for her museum OR 10K kills OR hanging with friends!

Rand "LifeHacker" Massey.
Completed the story line to Kaidan.  Back tracking for AP to complete Transylvania. (Ql 10)

Build:  Assault rifle/blades/blood.

Samantha "Sithi" Malik-Smith

In Kaidan.  Mostly PvP's as a healer when there is time.

Build: Blood/Fist/Pistol.  

Georgia "Ifari" Kachipuri

In a static group slowly leveling.  Currently in Egypt.

Build: hammer/shotgun/elemental

Mikhail "ziboo" Nahlah
The Bank

Addison "Danikah" Wieshaupt

Hanging in Kingsmouth for lowbie fun with new cabal-mates

Build: Chaos/Blade/Blood

Steven "Rifat" Malik-Smith

Brand new.  Needed a Dragon male to see outfits on!

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