Friday, September 8, 2017

Secret World Legend Best Info Pages

FunCom Info sites - yes more than one - as FC thought a "forum" just wasn't the way to go......

SWL Reddit
FunCom Twitch Channel (Livestreams are 'generally' every other Friday)
SWL Twitter Feed
SWL Steam Forum
SWL Discord

Useful General Info Sites
SWL Forums (unofficial) (has the Legacy/TSW database too)
SWL Gear and Theorycrafting Spreadsheet 
CryGaia Wiki
Guide to the Guides (reddit list. kept up?)

Group Role Primer (MerlinAesalon)
Tanking Guide (MerlinAesalon)
Healing Guide (MerlinAesalon)
DPS Guide (MerlinAesalon)
LAIR Guide (google.doc)
Scenario Survival Guide (Wyck Titalus)

Role Play
Secret World RP
Secret World Legends Role Play 

Beyond the Veil  (Weekly live on Twitch)
Radio Free Gaia

List of working/mostly working from TSW (09/07/17)

Fashion & Loot Tables
The Secret Buzz - Fashion Magazine
Sephora's Closet - TSW fashion pics/info
Weapon Skin Spreadsheet (google doc)
RoseQQ's Unique Loot Guide

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