Tuesday, September 5, 2017

LFG List for TSW Achievements for Second Transfer (repost)

** Repost from the TSW Forum **

Post LFG List for TSW Achievements for Second Transfer

Hey guys! This is a list of current people Looking for Groups (LFG) for TSW achievements for the second transfer, and the document already has people added (including me). There are many people trying to get this stuff done, so let's coordinate to increase our chances and help others out! The main purpose of this list is for Nightmare (NM) Master Planner (MP) achievements, however, we are including non-MP people as well for those who just want to hang out for regular content/achievements.

I used a word document (click here) to compile the information and allow others to edit, which includes:
  • TSW Name (alts included) - Add the character's name you will be playing on for achievements. If you play on alts, include their names for alt. contact.
  • SWL Name (alts included) - For contacting them in SWL only.
  • Other forms of contact - To contact you outside the game and to coordinate better. Discord and Steam are highly recommended due to chat system.
  • Timezone & Available Hours - This is especially important. Also, keep in mind that some timezones have similar acronyms, so be specific.
  • MP Achievements or Volunteer* - If you need all MP, list "All". If you need all but one, list all but one (ex: "All MP, no Tokyo"). If you are volunteering your time to help others or because you need BB, please say so, etc.
  • Other achievements - Are you doing The Unseen as well? Need exploration or lore achievements? Dungeoneer? Need the Elites?
  • Roles - DPS, Tank, or Healer? (and if you need carrying, please state so, that way two or more carries do not wind up together).
  • Geared for Tokyo? - Did you make it to Tokyo? Are you geared for the NM dungeons?
  • Extra Notes - Anything else people may need to know, like specific gear, etc.

Please fill out all the info so that everyone can group efficiently (and please do not edit anyone else's info unless you know them personally/have permission). Feel free to discuss/coordinate in this thread and the other threads (listed below), ask questions, post guides, etc. Anything helpful/important, like guides, will be linked in the second post. If you have suggestions on formatting, anything, please also speak up. I want to make this experience as efficient as possible!

If you need a guide on what to buy or earn before the second transfer takes place, please refer to our "Increasing Your Transfer Value" guide.

*Please keep in mind that the "Volunteer" option is for anyone doing NM to help others out, for BB, etc., and not necessarily for the achievements. If you are doing both because you already have a few NM achievements, feel free to put both. Please try to help out others as much as you can though, regardless of what you choose!

The other posts:
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If you guys could post/spread this on the other TSW/SWL sites, that would be wonderful! Advertising in-game will be done with the script builder. (If someone knows how to copy/paste these so others can use them, please let me know!)
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