Thursday, August 17, 2017

Secret World Legends - Guide to the Guides

Over on the SWL (Secret World Legends) Reddit, Cheesyguy2113 compiled a Guide to the Guides that have been posted there.

GUIDE to the Guides

Cheeseyguy2113 compiled ALL the current GUIDES into one Guide.
Some of these are on the sidebar / top bar, some are not - here's a quick list of stuff I've found useful all in one place. I did no work on these, save for tossing this list together. Feel free to add more below if you have any you'd like to see any additions, I'll edit them into the main post.
How to DPS
Bank / Marks / Misc
Acquire unique clothes by staring at people
Actives and Passives spreadsheet
Shadowy Forest Mission Route
Guide to endgame stats
List 'o loot
Group Roles
Guide to endgame stats
Unofficial Forums - -  with builds / devtracker, etc
Guide to gear and upgrading
Overall general guide, oodles 'o misc info
Reddit Link to Awesome gear spreadsheet / Actual Spreadsheet of awesome gear - Thanks Red_Sticky

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