Friday, July 7, 2017

Secret World Legends needs a Forum

Posted this on The Secret World forum, but it will likely be deleted as FunCom in its infinite wisdom has decided to relaunch TSW (The Secret World) as Secret World Legends (SWL) with enough changes that new people are confused

The veterans of TSW had a wonderful helpful community and are trying their best to continue, but there isn't a good place to store and discuss the accumulated information and wealth of knowledge the vets bring to the table.

FunCom believes Reddit, Twitter and Facebook suffice as communication vehicles and all have their place, but they're not a stable, searchable, community building place like a forum.

Anyway, here's the post....

Interesting discussion last night between many of the vets - the names that know TSW/SWL inside and out - about the need for #Noobmares to make its appearance. 

Apparently there is much confusion on the Elites (seeing the questions).  It would be great if there was a place that all the theorycrafters could post their ideas - that was SEARCHABLE.  There is so much new info - what stats are needed, helping people with builds, etc.  Daily chat is filled with the same questions every day, almost every hour and there is nowhere to point the new people too.

As much as the vets are NOT the target audience - they are still actively helping answer questions that FC has chosen to leave very much in the figure-it-out zone.  Don't continue to alienate the vets, they are here because they love TSW/SWL, and truly want it to success, is giving them a place to put the combined wealth of information (ie a forum), that hard?

Or the option is to tell new people - go dig thru pages and pages of Reddit?  Ask on Twitter or Facebook?

I was trying to find something for a cabal-mate regarding aurum to MoF and how they worked but you can't search the FC 'preferred' communication vehicles.  Google returns mostly useless information, so ???

FunCom we need a forum.  #SWLneedsaForum

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