Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Proof of the Pudding is finally done!

Yes. It is done!  Proof the Pudding tradeskill questline in Everquest 2 is complete on all nine tradeskill professions!

Top row =Sage, Woodworker, Weaponsmith
Middle row = Alchemist, Carpenter, Provisioner
Bottom row = Tailor, Jeweler, Armorsmith

This signature quest is from the Rise of Kunark expansion (2007ish - ouch!), with a great reward.  Mastercraftman cloak 1.0 and Earring of Solstice.  There are multiple steps to get to this quest (rep grind with Bathezid's Watch in Fens of Nathsar for one).  If you are level 72+ and can get the adventure quests that is much faster.  Many of my crafters are below 40, so had to do the crafting grind after completing New Lands, New Profits from Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren's Grasp. (I've only completed the rep with Bathezid to 40K+ on one character to access heirloom recipes for the gang.)   

Now with EQ2's latest expansion, Kunark Ascending, this quest line is a requirement, so I figured I might as well get it done!  I hadn't intended to do ALL 9 professions, but found it wasn't quite as bad as many made it seem and was going to be needed anyway so why not.

So, turned on Netflix and crafted away!

This is the crafting center where many hours has been spent.  Having this set up - crafting stations, depots full of materials and fuel, and the house published for speedy travel back in forth from the writ giver in Bathezid made this much easier.

Once that grind is completed, a chat with Danelak Hosfoak, (must be level 80), one more crafting task for him (trade skill specific), and then it was off to Neeta Cabbageleaf in Rivervale.

You can craft items for your alts and put them in your shared bank as they'll be classed as Heirloom.

 Much crafting left to do, as the gang works towards crafting level 100 (Provisioning, Carpentry and Alchemy are done!) as well as ALL of the new Artisan Tradeskill lines in Tears of Veeshan, Altar of Malice, and Thalumbra still to do.

Here's a wonderful guide to Proof of the Pudding on EQ2.Wikia

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